Health and Safety Advice


– Use a small backpack for the sandwich, bottle of water, rain jacket or warm clothes in case of going for a walking excursion.

– Footwear is very important. Use sensible walking shoes or comfortable trekking boots.

– Long sleeved clothing in summer, for sun protection.

– Sunscreen.

– Deposit trash in containers, take it with you if you do not find any.

– For organizational reasons please notify if be accompanied by pets.

– Drive the vehicle following  determined paths to prevent the proliferation of unnecessary paths, and / or accidents.

– For youre own safety keep to the routes that have been designated by the guide

– Do not collect plants, as this may endanger the species and cause extinction. Some of the plants are also protected species.

– Good conduct  is characterized by safety, not speed.

– The best way to enjoy nature is to observe and photograph.